New 2021 Masterclass For Recruitment Business Owners:

The Step by Step Plan To Launch Your New Product or Service This Year

Live Webinar • Wednesday February 10th @ 4pm GMT


Denise Oyston CEO at Superfast Recruitment

Sharon Newey MD at Superfast Recruitment

In This Free Masterclass, We Will Show You How To Successfully Launch a New Recruiting Product or Service This Year To Existing and New Clients

  • Fact: Why NOW is the best time ever to launch something new in the recruiting sector
  • Why many launches fail and how to predict success from day one
  • How following a Russian Mathematician's formula will make the difference between YOUR success and failure
  • The 7 step launch framework that all successful high growth companies use
  • Where to find the ideal clients and candidates for your new 'offer'
  • The exact process to have an explosive launch within weeks not months

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